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Recently,the tomb was destroyed by the present owner of the land who was fed up with having curious people on his private land.

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Inside the tomb of Arques in 1972
I remind you that burial place violation is forbidden by the law. I cannot tell where this photo comes from but I garantee that it was taken at Les Pontils.

private colleciton

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Rennes le Chateau


Pontils Tomb

Le tombeau des Pontils

This grave and this landscape look like the picture Nicolas Poussin painted between 1638 and 1639 : Shepherds in Arcadia.

The " Pontils Mill " situated between Campagne Aude and Fa was bought in 1880. In 1903,the owner’s grand mother was buried there. In 1921, her remains were brought to Limoux and the land was sold.
The tomb which can be seen on the photographs was built by the next owner’s son. His mother was buried there.

So this grave didn’t exist when Poussin painted his picture,and the flagstone cannot have been brought by Father Bigou.


private collection

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