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Genesis - David Wood
27,00 €

Genisis - David Wood

This is one of the most important books ever to be published. It opens a doorway into the unknown. It sheds light on the origin of our species.
At last the age-old mystery of Rennes-le-Château is solved. The solution is a temple layout of gigantic proportions covering more than 40 square miles - the largest geometrical figured ever identified. Every part of it is marked by a church, mountain top or outcrop of rock. The symbols and dimensions reveal the secrets of the rituals and legends associated with such ancient enigmas as :

The Holy of Holies and the Treasure of the Temple of Solomon
The Arc of the Covenant and what it contained
The Holy Grail and its associated articles
The Round Tables and the Arthurian legends
The Rose Cross
The Atlantis connection

and these revelations are incredible. It also gives positive proof that the originators of this temple knew

The Speed of Light, Pythagorean Geometry

and that they were the custodians of the means to elevate mankind to his appointed place with the gods. Beyond the revelations of the ancient secret lies a truth too awesome to comprehend.

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Geneset - David Wood
42,00 €

Geneset - David Wood

This book confirms and proves the unbelievable claims of "Genesis - The First Book of Revelations". Current scientific theories confirm the cataclysmic history of Planet Earth. No longuer can we dismiss the legends and mythology of the Ancients!

The origin of Man. The enigma of the mind. Who is God ? The Mystery of Mars. The codes of jules Verne. The mystery of the Paris Merdian. Messengers of Doom. Did the church known ? We are not the first. Is the Earth safe ? Can Man survive ? What is the secret of Rennes-le-Château ?
All these and other fascinating disclosures are to be found in this remarkable book of hitherto unpublished information.

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Geneset - David Wood
10,00 €

Poussin's Secret - David Wood

A great secret lies buried in a remote valley in the foothills of the Pyrenees and in recent years it has coined the title "The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château".
An initial investigation by David Wood revealed previously unsupected connections with the remote past and the possibility of an advanced intelligence having left Mankind a warning of an impending disaster. These findings were published under the title of Genesis - The First Book of Revelations.
Subsequently David Wood was joined by Ian Campbell and together they not only confirmed Wood's findings but produced a mathematical proof of both the intelligence and the message (Geneset - Target On Earth).
Now probably thousands of years after its initiation it transpires that Nicolas Poussin, the most prolific of the French artists, recorded a coded confirmation of his awareness of the mystery in his "Les Bergers d'Arcadie" (The Shepherds of Arcadia). This booklet contains the proof of his connection with what has been referred to as "The Greatest Mystery in the History of France"

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