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At, I am committed to sharing all the essential information you’re looking for as tourists planning to pay a visit to Rennes-le-Château or as a person who hopes to know a little more about this village in Sothern France.

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I am optimistic will continue to serve a great part in providing the right information about the mysteries and historical background of Rennes-le-Château to keep its cultural values, guide tourists and extend its fame much longer.

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It is hoped to be a bright future in the aspect of the tourist attraction as this website continues to churn out only relevant information that will enlighten readers about tourism and benefits of paying a visit to the small hilltop village.


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Hi, I am “Charles”. Great to have you around.

My primary aim with this website is to provide adequate information about its exciting history, discoveries and most importantly, the conspiracy theories that have made the small commune attract lots of attention in recent past until now. I am mindful of the information I share on this website and therefore source my information only from reliable sources. A lot has been said about the mysterious and conspiracy theories connected to Rennes-le-Château. What they are and how they impact the world are interests to many people as it has a strong connection to what some believe.


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There is a little change in the current website based on the primary language used. The website will no longer be in the French language but in English.

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mysteries of Rennes-le-Château

The Mysteries Of Rennes-Le-Château And Saunière


To many, Rennes-le-Château commune will go on attracting attention for the various claims and mysteries surrounding its existence. The small hilltop village has drawn wide-reaching attention for the conspiracy theories connected to it and the 19th-century priest, Father Berenger Sauniere.

The Best Places For First Time Travelers


The mysteries and history of Rennes-le-Château are showcased in various locations of the small village.  Before his death, Father Sauniere built a mighty estate which also holds some of the interesting places tourists should visit when in the village. Father Suaniere’s Domain highlights virtually most of the interesting spots in Rennes-le-Château. For first-time travelers, some locations are a must visit when in the village.

best places for first time travelers to savor

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Treasure Hunters

Magnet For Treasure Hunters
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Historical Places

Historical Places
When next you plan a visit and crave to have a great feeling beyond the natural, there are locations you can’t but get the mystic feeling when in Rennes-le-Château.
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