About Me

RennesLeChateau.com is a website for people seeking information on the hilltop village called Rennes-le-Château. The mysteries surrounding this lovely commune caught my attention and have since developed a great deal of interest in discovering the area and the personalities connected to it.

Hi, I am “Charles”. Great to have you around.

My primary aim with this website is to provide adequate information about its exciting history, discoveries and most importantly, the conspiracy theories that have made the small commune attract lots of attention in recent past until now. I am mindful of the information I share on this website and therefore source my information only from reliable sources. A lot has been said about the mysterious and conspiracy theories connected to Rennes-le-Château. What they are and how they impact the world are interests to many people as it has a strong connection to what some believe.


My Belief


It is great to discuss issues on Rennes-le-Château. Many conspiracy theories are yet unraveled and the mysteries about the buried treasures continue to elude many who have tried to solve the hidden mysteries at hand. I believe keeping on with the right information about the place can make people better relate with this small historic hilltop village called Rennes-le-Château. I believe beyond the conspiracies lies so much elegance and beauty that can be explored by tourists and enthusiasts who hope to know more about this historic land in southern France.

I believe getting the information straight and right should be pursued about this place. In the various articles you’ll find on this website, I try not to go outside of this. With many theories already known, explanations on each topic will be most important to help you arrive at a reasonable conclusion.


My Mission


At RennesLeChateau.com, I am committed to sharing all the essential information you’re looking for as tourists planning to pay a visit to Rennes-le-Château or as a person who hopes to know a little more about this village in Sothern France. I take the responsibility on myself to share why this small village is attracting so much attention from people of all race, age, religion, and culture.

My duties will be to offer a good description of what is in existence in the small village. Taking you through a tour of the hilltop village in a short time through the website is my goal with hosting this platform to reach a wider audience who has been yearning to know more about the pleasant atmosphere of the region.

My Vision


I am optimistic RennesLeChateau.com will continue to serve a great part in providing the right information about the mysteries and historical background of Rennes-le-Château to keep its cultural values, guide tourists and extend its fame much longer.

The Future


I strongly believe I owe a part in what the future of this tourist destination will be in years to come. I look to a future where all mysteries will be unraveled and doubts cleared. It is hoped to be a bright future in the aspect of the tourist attraction as this website continues to churn out only relevant information that will enlighten readers about tourism and benefits of paying a visit to the small hilltop village.

By interacting with this platform, the desire is to keep you up-to-date about the happenings of Rennes-le-Château.