Why The Village Is A Magnet For Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters

Today many tourists visit Rennes-le-Château because of its strong history and mysteries that are yet unraveled. The likes of bestselling books like the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown are inspired by the mysteries of this place. Such is the case that has encouraged tourists all over the world to make a trip to the village to get a glimpse of what is written on the pages of the books.

For treasure hunters, this may possibly not be their reason for a call at the hilltop village. The mysteries of wealth and fortunes located in the village should be an attraction to the treasure hunters instead. In this article, you’ll discover why the French village of Rennes-le-Château is a magnet for treasure hunters who are aspiring to keep the search going.

The Buried Treasure

The strongest among all reasons why treasure hunters will continue to keep a watch on Rennes-le-Château is the claim of buried treasures in the small hilltop village. The story is deeply rooted in the church and the 19th-century Catholic priest, Berenger Suaniere. It was told that at the time of Suaniere’s posting to the church, there was nothing on ground financially and the church was about collapsing in structures.

The claim of buried treasures in the small hilltop village

He raised some funds to begin the reconstruction in 1887. It was during the re-construction and about the time the altar was to be moved that Suaniere found parchments that revealed hidden treasures underneath the church. It wasn’t clear whether this claim actually holds true but the priest’s affluent lifestyle afterward shows he could truly have found some gold coins somewhere to suddenly become rich.

The Utterances Of Suaniere’s Housekeeper

Some statements are not like others. They carry a lot of weight in them. The comment of Father Sauniere’s loyal housekeeper before her death could also mean something more exists about this beautiful small village in the south of France.

Father Suaniere’s loyal housekeeper, Marie Denarnaud, whom some believed had knowledge of Father Sauniere’s sudden wealth made a suggestive statement while she was alive. She lived over 36 years after the priest died in 1917. When she sold the Sauniere Estate to Noel Corbu in 1946, she informed him of a secret she will reveal to him that will make him powerful and rich. With the clause that the secret will be told on her deathbed, the unfortunate happened when during her last periods on earth; she could neither talk nor write. She had suffered a serious stroke. Nobody knows what the secret is till date and treasure hunters will hold this as a good proof that something might be hidden somewhere.

Marie Denarnaud
Marie Denarnaud

The Conspiracy Theories

A lot more wide claims and conspiracy theories exist about the wealth in the small village of Rennes-le-Château. Notable among them include:

Blanche of Castile Treasures: This is one of the mysteries connected with Rennes-le-Château. This talks about the treasure brought by the regent of France, Saint Louis’s mother to Rennes-le-Château in the year 1249. It was believed she came with a load of items in a baggage including gold coins and has buried them somewhere in the village.

Knight Templar Treasures: The Templars are claimed to have a strong influence in the Rennes-le-Château’s territory. They have the right to own belongings which they can pass on to their descendants. Their belongings are guarded cautiously and people have strong respect and fear for them.

The Visigoths Treasure: This treasure contains the treasure of Jerusalem temple that was taken from the Holy land by Emperor Titus of the Roman Empire in AD 70. This is the popular Solomon’s Temple, the Biblical wealthiest man on earth at the time.

These make up parts of the reasons the village will long be a magnet for treasure hunters. Not only will treasure hunters be alert to the happenings in the village but people all over the world will be very interested as things unfold about the mysteries surrounding the village.

Many other conspiracy theories about the wealth stored in Rennes-le-Château are reasons why treasure hunters keep a watch on the small hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château if they ever exist at all.