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Are you planning a trip to Rennes-le-Château to see things out for yourself? Perhaps you’re interested in getting more information about this small hilltop village which has attracted many tourists to it? The whole Father Sauniere and Rennes-le-Château story is an interesting one that many questions and discussions will often arise to keep the excitement and intrigue alive.

It is my pleasure to get you up to speed on the mysteries surrounding Father Sauniere and this adorable village on the hilltop called Rennes-le-Château. I will do as much to attend to all your queries and share in your experiences if you’ve made a trip to the village. You can contact me right now if you so desire.

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    My utmost goal with this website is to be as informative as possible on the mysteries, conspiracy theories and Father Berenger Sauniere’s subjects. I am quite excited you find this website and hopeful the various published articles will serve your purpose as expected. For suggestions and observations, let us know about it and will be glad you did.

    As sharing makes the world go around, I’m available to listen to your own side of the story if you’ve visited the village before or have someone who did and will like to let others know about it.

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