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Magnificent Views

The conspiracy theories are not everything about the small village in Rennes-le-Château. Rennes-le-Château, the village that gave the inspiration to the bestselling book, The Da Vinci Code remains a site of mystery and conspiracy theories surrounding an enigmatic priest, Berenger Sauniere. However, it has many other things to its tourist attractions.

When considering one of the best villages to visit in France, Rennes-le-Château ranks as one of the most beautiful sites with breathtaking views. Here is why.

Adorable Landscape

Rennes-le-Château provides a lovely aerial view for its distinct location on a hilltop. Mountains surround ends of the region to give it the natural appeal and amazing landscape. Towards the northeast are the Cevennes Mountains and at the south end are the Pyrenees. The village is known for its ecstatic atmosphere with lovely scenery with deep river canyons and rough ridges. Stony mountain plateaus with beautiful large caves beneath also add to the fantastic landscape of Rennes-le-Château.

adorable landscape
Rennes-le-Château provides a lovely aerial view for its distinct location on a hilltop

The surrounding environment of Rennes-le-Château presents a charming blend of the modern architecture with the classic touch of the past to give it a form different from most villages around. Visitors get the feeling of its prehistoric occupation as well as the presence of the Roman Colonization as seen in its Roman temple and structures. The hilltop village was part of the Setimania in the 6th and 7th centuries it was claimed to have been occupied by the Visigoths around 500-600 AD.

Landmark Structures

When a visitor arrives at the beautiful village on the hilltop, the captivating view of The Tour Magdala should be the first to be seen. The historic tower in the village hangs over the valley below. Father Berenger Sauniere built the tower and used it as a library. Going a few steps further you’ll find the little village church where the priest carries out his priesthood services. It is the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. When inside, you are sure to have some mystic feelings about what it looks like from the inside. The statue of the devil holding the holy water vessel is one that catches attention.

The Tour Magdala
The captivating view of The Tour Magdala should be the first to be seen

The Villa Bethania is equally a classy edifice that is adorable and still looks great in outlook today when viewed from the outside.

Visitors with interests in floral decorations will love the outstanding beauty of The Garden. The colorful and bright flowers that blossoms in their seasons are simply beautiful. The priest should love a time alone during the summertime collecting some rose flowers or have a relaxing moment on the bench at the cool of the evenings.

Indeed, beyond the conspiracy in the hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château lays the magnificent beauty of this place. Visitors testify to the adorable atmosphere besides the strong history it has with various claims with the past. The beauty of the hilltop village will also keep the attraction going.

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