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Truth About The Treasures Buried

You can choose to believe or not to but the truth still remains about this place. Is it a hoax or some truths actually holds in the entire story? Many studies have been done to find out if actually some treasures were buried in Rennes-le-Château. In a bid to get the record straight about the hidden mysteries of the treasures in Rennes-le-Château, many efforts were made. You should be able to judge for yourself after some insights to determine the truth about the whole mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding Rennes-le-Château.

The Excavations

As the story spread far and wide about the hidden treasures made popular by Noel Corbu, interest from different quarters were seen. Two major excavations of the Church of Mary Magdalene were carried out. The first excavation was done by Dr. Andre Malacan in 1956. However, there was no discovery made about any buried treasure in the land. Some bones and a skull with incision were discovered. Dr. Andre Died in 1997 and the skull was recovered from his family and returned to the village in 2014 after many years of legal battles. Carbon-dating dates the skull back to between 1281 and 1396. Engineer Jacques Cholet from Paris also conducted many excavations between 1959 and 1963 and as well failed to find any hidden treasures.

Recently in 2003, a more advertised excavation was carried out by the Mayor of the village on the Tower of Magdala following claims made by a Canadian who reported that one of the foremen who supervised Suaniere’s works was his relation. Nothing of interest came out of the excavation as well when completed.

Archeologist Never Saw Any Truth In The Storyline

Many archeologists are of the opinion that the various claims were only fictitious, and myths that never have any truth in them. Paul Bahn believes the stories were myths that can be ranked just like that of the Bermuda Triangle and ancient astronauts. Archaeologist Bill Putnam, co-author, “The Treasure Of Rennes-le-Chateau”, A Mystery Solved (2003, 2005) dismissed the famous assertions as pseudo-history.

Noel Corbu’s Marketing Strategy

In some circle, it is believed that the widespread stories about the hidden treasure came from Noel Corbu, the man who bought the property from Suaniere’s housekeeper. People believed that after the purchase of the Sauniere’s estate, he had to pull a commercial gimmick to attract tourists to the area for his hotel business. And he went ahead with a story that the wealth of the Blanche of Castile is buried somewhere in the village.

Noel Corbu bought the property from Suaniere’s housekeeper

This may appear logical because the housekeeper had wanted to tell him about a secret before this time that will supposedly make him rich. Since the woman died of a serious stroke and could not reveal the secret, Noel could have held the belief that there could truly be hidden treasures somewhere underneath the buildings of Rennes-le-Château.

The truth about the hidden treasures is quite clear.

Whatever the truth that holds about the hidden treasures of Rennes-le-Château, it still remains that the treasures if hidden somewhere at all have eluded all the searches made by many prominent people in the small hilltop village.

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